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Cathy Golden with Donald Faison from Picasso at the Lapin Agile. Photo by Douglas Gates.
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Cathy Golden with Donald Faison from Picasso at the Lapin Agile. Photo by Douglas Gates.

“The brilliant work The Old Globe gives to this community has had a direct and profound impact on my life for decades. It gives me great joy to know that my estate gift will help sustain their vision of making theatre matter for generations to come even when I’m no longer ‘in the house.’ I cannot think of a better living legacy! I encourage you to join me and include the theatre in your estate plan. You will take great pleasure in knowing that your gift will also last forever.”

Cathy Golden with Donald Faison from Picasso at the Lapin Agile. Photo by Douglas Gates.

The Old Globe is deeply grateful to the many patrons who have made plans to leave a legacy to the theatre they cherish. These gifts ensure that The Old Globe will continue to flourish in the years ahead. Thank you.

Craig Noel Legacy Society Members

Bobbie Ball
Sandra Barstow
Jan Bart
Nancine Belfiore
Alan Benaroya
Barbara Bolt
Barbara Brink
Nancy Brock
Robert and Pamela Brooks
Dr. & Mrs. Edgar D. Canada
Sandra & Harry Carter
Jean Cheng
Doris & Wayne Christopher
Garet & Wendy Clark
Nikki and Ben Clay
Joseph J. Cohen & Martha P. Farish
R. Patrick & Sharon Connell
Jane Cowgill
Gigi Cramer
Patricia W. Crigler. Ph.D.
Carlos & Patricia Cuellar
Elaine & Dave Darwin
Ann Davies
Darlene Gould Davies
Carolyn S. DeMar
Douglas Druley
Dr. Bernard Eggertsen & Florence Nemkov
Dr. & Mrs. Robert* Epsten
Robert & Stacey Foxworth
Frank A. Frye
Hal & Pam Fuson
Martha Gafford*
Alan Gary and Joanee Udelf
Arthur Getis & Roberta King
Teresa George
Nancy Reed Gibson
Robert Gleason & Marc Matys
Cathryn Golden
Marcy Goldstone
Betsy Hamblin*
Bernard* & June Harland
David & Debbie Hawkins
Liz & Gary Helming
Char & Mike Hersh
Jill Denison Holmes
Jeff and Thao Hughes
Craig & Mary Hunter
Sonia and Andy Israel
Robert J. Kilian & Kathleen M. Slayton
Robert* and Gladys H. King Family Trust
Marilyn Kneeland*
Jean* & David Laing
James & Janice LaGrone
Peter and Michelle Landin
Dr. Ronald & Mrs. Ruth W. Leonardi
Jerry Lester Foundation
Robin J. Lipman
Ellie Lynch & Patrick Harrison
Heather Manion
Randi and Thomas McKenzie
Judith Menzel
Chris & Jill Metcalf
Paul I. & Margaret W. Meyer
Paul Miller Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Steve Miller
Angela and Chuck Mol
Laurie Dale Munday
Michael G. Murphy
Stanley Nadel & Cecilia Carrick
Harvey* & Marsha Netzer
Arthur & Marilyn Neumann
Ronald J. Newell
Greg & Polly Noel
PACEM (Pacific Academy of Ecclesiastical Music)
Connie Pringle
Gloria Rasmussen
Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo & John Rebelo
Jeannie & Arthur Rivkin
Esther Rodriguez
Marilyn Kneeland Rogers*
Beverly & Warren* Sanborn
Lisa Berry Shaw & Robert Shaw
Bruce Sherman
Darlene Marcos Shiley
B. Sy* & Ruth Ann Silver
Dee E. Silver
Stephen M. Silverman
Dolores & Rod Smith
Marisa SorBello & Peter Czipott
Nancy A. Spector & Alan R. Spector
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Stark
Jeanette Stevens
Peter Stovin & Marilyn Johns
Miriam Summ
Eric Leighton Swenson
Anne C. Taubman
Randy Tidmore
Cherie Halladay Tirschwell
Evelyn Mack Truitt
Suzanne Poet Turner & Michael T. Turner
Ginny Unanue
Pamela J. Wagner
Jordine Von Wantoch*
Lian Von Wantoch
Peggy Ann Wallace
Holly J.B. Ward
Sarah Woodruff Watkins
Joy & Stephen Weiss
Judith Wenker
Lynne Dunaho Wheeler
Sheryl & Harvey P. White
Helen Galen Whitney*
Barbara Wolpert
Carolyn Yorston-Wellcome
Anonymous (26)
This list is current as of August 6, 2019.

2018 and 2019 Endowment Fund Gifts

$100 and higher
Maria Carrera and Corey Fayman
Jane Cowgill
Gigi Cramer
Globe Guilders
Robert and Gladys H. King Family Trust
James and Janice LaGrone
Peggy and Robert Matthews Foundation
Carol Spielman-Ewan
Jonathan and Susan Stein
Evelyn Mack Truitt
Helen Galen Whitney

Recent Generous Bequests

Diana Barliant*
Estate of Richard Ford*
Estate of Audrey S. Geisel*
Kathryn Hattox*
Nancy Rodrique*
Marilyn Kneeland Rogers*
Estate of Warren Sanborn*
Estate of Mickey Stern*
Anonymous (1)

*In memoriam

Craig Noel Legacy Society Committee

Terry Atkinson

Committee Members
Garet Clark
Peter Cooper
Elaine Darwin
Mark Delfino
Silvija Devine
Robert Foxworth
Hal Fuson
Evelyn Mack Truitt
Jordine Von Wantoch*
Pamela J. Wagner