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There are many ways to support The Old Globe and help us make theatre a public good for all. Contact us for help with any of the methods below!

The Philanthropy Team

By Mail

Please send a check (payable to The Old Globe) to The Old Globe, Attn: Philanthropy Department, P.O. Box 122171, San Diego, CA 92112-2171.

By Phone

To make a gift over the phone, please call (619) 684-4142 to contact Dillon Hoban, Annual Giving Coordinator. You are welcome to set up recurring monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual donation payments.


You can give directly on our website via credit/debit card. Select the level at which you wish to contribute and fill in the online form.

By Donor-Advised Fund

You can recommend a grant directly from your donor-advised fund (DAF) to The Old Globe (Tax ID/FEIN # 95-1543396) and receive the tax benefit from your DAF. Call Bridget Cantu Wear at (619) 684-4144 or email bcantuwear@TheOldGlobe.org for more information.

By Stock Transfer

Download instructions here to initiate a stock gift. For assistance, contact Janet Myott at jmyott@TheOldGlobe.org.

By Wire Transfer

For wire transfer instructions, contact Janet Myott at jmyott@TheOldGlobe.org.

By Crypto

You may now make a donation of cryptocurrency to the Globe through Every.org , a secure website which will convert your gift to cash for The Old Globe.


Are you 72 or older? Consider directing a transfer from your IRA to The Old Globe today as a charitable distribution. Your donation would count toward your required distribution and would not be earmarked as income for tax-filing purposes. For more information, contact Bridget Cantu Wear at (619) 684-4144 or bcantuwear@TheOldGlobe.org.

By Employer Match

Double your donation and your impact! Click here to check if your employer will match your donation. Matched funds by your employer count toward your annual membership. You will likely need your contribution acknowledgement noting your gift amount to The Old Globe and our Tax ID number (95-1543396). To request a copy of your acknowledgement letter, please call Janet Myott at (619) 231-1931 x2305 or email jmyott@TheOldGlobe.org.

By Bequest or Estate

Invest in The Old Globe’s future and make a legacy gift today! Learn more about making a planned gift here, or contact Bridget Cantu Wear at (619) 684-4144 or bcantuwear@TheOldGlobe.org.