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In order to make theatre matter in the lives of more people, The Old Globe—a not-for-profit theatre—relies on the support of our community. We thank our Circle Patrons and Friends of The Old Globe members for these generous annual fund gifts that help us deliver great theatre and life-changing arts engagement programs.

*In memoriam
♥Globe Sustainers: donors who have pledged multiyear gifts
∆GlobeRISING Supporters: donors who have supported the Globe’s COVID-19 crisis campaign

Artistic Angels
($200,000 and higher annually)

Terry Atkinson and Kathy Taylor
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
The City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture
Karen and Donald Cohn ♥
Kathryn Hattox Charitable Trust
HM Electronics, Inc.
Paula and Brian Powers ♥
The Conrad Prebys Foundation
Jean and Gary Shekhter ♥
Darlene Marcos Shiley, in memory of Donald Shiley
The Shubert Foundation
The Estate of Ann Steck and Family
The Theodor and Audrey Geisel Fund
The Erna Finci Viterbi Artistic Director Fund ♥
The Estate of Jeffrey E. White
Univision San Diego

($100,000 to $199,999)

Diane and John* Berol
Elaine and Dave* Darwin
Ann Davies ♥
Pamela Farr and Buford Alexander ♥
In memory of Annette and Dick Ford
Hal and Pam Fuson ♥
Globe Guilders
Joan and Irwin Jacobs Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Price Philanthropies Foundation
The Estate of Mickey Stern
Karen and Stuart Tanz ♥
Gillian and Tony Thornley
Pamela J. Wagner and Hans Tegebo
Sheryl and Harvey White Foundation
Vicki and Carl Zeiger ♥
Anonymous (2)

Ovation Circle
($60,000 to $99,999)

Nikki and Ben Clay ♥
The Joseph Cohen and Martha Farish New Play Development Fund ♥
Elizabeth Cushman∆
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Devine ♥
Laurents / Hatcher Foundation
Kalpana and James Rhodes
Sue and Edward “Duff” Sanderson
The Shen Family Foundation
Dee E. Silver, M.D.
Theatre Forward
Brent Woods and Laurie Mitchell

Producer circle
($30,000 to $59,999)

Jules and Michele Arthur ♥
The Belenzon Family in memory of Irvin and Ruth Belenzon
The Binford Family∆
California Arts Council, A State Agency
Dee Anne and Michael Canepa
Ric and Eleanor Charlton
Ellise and Michael Coit
Peter Cooper and Erik Matwijkow
County of San Diego
Nina and Robert Doede
Richard and Jennifer Greenfield
George C. Guerra∆
The Kathy Hattox Designated Endowment Fund at the San Diego Foundation
Daphne H. and James D. Jameson
The Estate of Marilyn Rogers Kneeland
Las Patronas
Sandy and Arthur* Levinson
Jeffrey and Sheila Lipinsky Family Foundation
The Lodge at Torrey Pines
Lolly & Duck
Evelyn Mack Truitt
U.S. Bank
Reneé and Bob Wailes
Wilkinson Family Charitable Fund
June E. Yoder Family
Anonymous (3)

Artist Circle
($25,000 to $29,999)

Alicia and Jonathan Atun∆
The Sheri and Les Biller
Family Foundation
California Bank & Trust
California’s Office of the Small Business Advocate
City National Bank
Hervey Family Non-Endowment Fund at The San Diego Foundation
Gail and Doug Hutcheson∆
The Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation
Peggy and Robert Matthews Foundation
Patrons of the Prado
Irwin and Maryanne Pfister
Tom and Lisa Pierce∆
The Allison and Robert Price Family Foundation
The Sapp Family Fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation
Mandell Weiss Charitable Trust
Dr. Steve and Lynne Wheeler∆

director Circle
($10,000 to $24,999)

Maggie Acosta and Larry Shushan
Jan and Rich Baldwin
Bank of America
Melissa Garfield Bartell and Michael Bartell
Joan and Jeremy Berg
The Bjorg Family∆
Gary and Barbara Blake∆
Robert D. Blanton
The Browar Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Christian and Bridget Buckley ♥∆
George and Karen Bullette
Alice and YT Chen, The Chenzyme Foundation
Dale Connelly and Donna Van Eekeren∆
Carlo and Nadine Daleo
George Davis ♥
Una Davis and Jack McGrory
Frederik and Irene Defesche∆
Marguerite Jackson Dill, in memory of George Dill ♥
Edgerton Foundation
Bernard J. Eggertsen and Florence Nemkov*
The Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. (Bea) Epsten
Dan and Phyllis Epstein∆
Carol Spielman-Ewan and Joel Ewan
Susanna and Michael Flaster
Elaine Galinson and Herb Solomon∆
Cam and Wanda Garner
Drs. Tom and Jane Gawronski∆
Carol L. Githens
Kimberly Godwin and Tom Wilcox
Julia Carrington Hall∆
Deborah A. and David A. Hawkins∆
Nishma and John Held ♥
Laurie Sefton Henson∆
Higgs Fletcher & Mack, LLP
Teresa and Harry Hixson, Jr.
Susan and Bill Hoehn
John and Sally Hood Family Foundation∆
HoyleCohen, LLC
Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine
Drs. Sonia and Andy* Israel∆
Hal and Debby Jacobs
Deni Jacobs and James Hammermeister
Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs
Robert Kilian, in memory of Kathleen M. Slayton∆
Jo Ann Kilty
Brooke and Dan* Koehler
Bob* and Laura Kyle ♥
Dr. William and Evelyn Lamden
Peter and Michelle Landin
Carol Ann and George W. Lattimer
Benjamin and Kimberly Lee
Pamela Hamilton Lester in memory of Jim Lester
Marshall Littman
Susan and John Major
Marsh & McLennan Agency
The Estate of Madelon McGowan
Thomas and Randi McKenzie
Don and Judy McMorrow ♥
Judith Morgan
Geri Musser
National Endowment for the Arts
Neiman Marcus San Diego
Darrell Netherton and Robert Wheeler
Caroline and Nicolas Nierenberg
Polly and Greg Noel
The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Jerry and Phyllis Olefsky
The Parker Foundation (Gerald and Inez Grant Parker)Susan Parker∆
Barbara J. Petersen∆
David and Mary Ann Petree
Peggy and Peter Preuss∆
John and Marcia Price Family Foundation∆
ResMed Foundation
Amy Roth
Ivor and Colette Carson Royston Fund
Special Event Audio Services, Inc.
Robert and Nancy Selander∆
Stan Siegel
Peter Stovin
Bill and Diane Stumph∆
Subaru of El Cajon∆
Rhona Thompson
Debra Turner
Stanley and Anita Ulrich
University of San Diego
VAPA Foundation
Richard and Ilene Wachsman∆
Sue and Bill Weber
Chris and Pat Weil∆
The Kurt Weill Foundation for Music
Stephen and Joy Weiss
Wells Fargo
James E. and Kathryn A. Whistler
The Wickline Family
Karin Winner
AC and Dorothy Wood
Chester Yamaga and
Jean Samuels ♥


founder Circle
($5,000 to $9,999)

Lisa and Steve Altman  •  Karen and Jim Austin ♥  •  David A. and Jill Wien Badger  •  Toni and Deron Bear  •  Marian Benassi  •  Elizabeth and Steven Bluhm  •  Dr. Herman and Irene Boschken  •  Bea and Bill Briggs  •  Robert and Pamela Brooks  •  Julia R. Brown∆  •  Glenn and Jolie Buberl  •  Dr. Stephanie Bulger  •  Robert Caplan and Carol Randolph  •  Harry and Sandra Carter ♥  •  Greg and Loretta Cass∆  •  Carol and Jeff Chang ♥  •  Vicki Colasurdo∆  •  Cliff and Carolyn Colwell  •  Cox Communications∆  •  Douglas Druley and Judee Sedler∆  •  Chuck and Odette Ebersole  •  Edward Jones Financial Advisor, David S. Tam  •  Enberg Charitable Foundation  •  Arlene Esgate  •  Michael and Rocio Flynn  •  Richard Forsyth and Kate Leonard  •  William and Eva Fox Foundation (administered by Theatre Communications Group)  •  Bill and Judy Garrett  •  Joyce Gattas∆  •  Mr. William and Dr. Susan Glockner∆  •  Dean J. Haas  •  Ms. Cheryl Haimsohn∆  •  The Estate of Betsy Hamblin   •  Norm Hapke and Valerie Jacobs Hapke  •  Kate Herring  •  The Estate of Virginia L. Higgins-Hawkins   •  The Estate of Alexa Hirsch   •  Thao and Jeff Hughes  •  David K. Jordan  •  Kerr Family Foundation  •  Webster B. and Helen W. Kinnaird∆  •  Sherry and Larry Kline∆  •  Curt and Nancy Koch  •  Kuhn & Koviak CPAs, Inc.∆  •  Jean* and David Laing ♥  •  Ronald and Ruth W. Leonardi  •  Paul Levin and Joanna Hirst  •  Marcia A. Mattson∆  •  Nevins and Margret McBride  •  Elizabeth and Edward McIntyre  •  Thomas and Randi McKenzie∆  •  Christopher Menkov and Jennifer Fisher in Memory of Elizabeth Meyer  •  Paul and Maggie Meyer  •  MG Properties Group  •  Dr. Howard and Barbara Milstein  •  Modern Times Beer  •  Rebecca Moores  •  Michael and Christine Pack  •  Bernard Paul and Maria Sardina  •  Christopher and Angela Peto∆  •  Gale and James Petrie∆  •  Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP  •  Joan and Richard Qualls  •  Julia and Alexa Querin  •  RAHD Group  •  Gerry and Jeannie Ranglas  •  Linda Rankin and Rodney Whitlow  •  Joseph and Sara Reisman Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation  •  Ann and Tim Rice  •  Jeannie and Arthur* Rivkin  •  Nancy J. Robertson  •  Robert Rosenberg  •  Christine Rounsavell  •  Robert and Lisa Shaw  •  Lari Sheehan  •  Dave and Phyllis Snyder  •  Nancy and Alan Spector and Family  •  Peter and Frances Splinter  •  Ms. Jeanette Stevens  •  Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation  •  Brenda and Robert Tomaras  •  Doris Trauner and Richard Stanford  •  Greta and Stephen Treadgold  •  C. Anne Turhollow, in memory of Michael J. Perkins ♥  •  Carol Vassiliadis  •  Carol and Larry Veit  •  The Vincent Family  •  Lian von Wantoch, in memory of Jordine and Harvey Von Wantoch ♥  •  The Estate of Elizabeth Walker  •  Wendy Waterman  •  Shirli Weiss and Sons  •  West CPM, Inc.  •  Marilyn J. Woods  •  Britt Zeller  •  Diane and Robert Zeps  •  Emma and Leo Zuckerman  •  Tatiana Zunshine and Miles Grant  •  Anonymous (5) ♥∆


craig noel Circle
($3,000 to $4,999)

Drs. Gabriela and Michael Antos  •  Bobbie Ball  •  Jan Bart  •  Jack and Sue Ellen Benson  •    M. Joan Bishop, in memory of Harold O. McNeil, Esq. ♥  •  Pat and Carol Bivens  •  Beth and Rich Brenner  •  Rebecca Blakely Brown  •  Richard and Eileen Brown  •  Anita Busquets and William Ladd  •  Peter and Joan Camana∆  •  Edward and Pamela Carnot ♥∆  •  George* and Ellen Casey  •  Lisa and David Casey  •  Catering Solutions  •  Doris and Wayne Christopher  •  Jan and Tom Ciaraffo  •  Richard Clampitt and Rachel Hurst  •  Garet and Wendy Clark ♥  •  Linda Claytor  •  Ms. Heidi Conlan/The Sahan Daywi Foundation  •  R. Patrick and Sharon Connell  •  Richard and Stephanie Coutts  •  Jane Cowgill  •  Bryan Crail and Tim Reed  •  Gigi Cramer, in memory of Ed Cramer  •  Ronald D. Culbertson  •  Darlene G. Davies*, in memory of Lowell Davies  •  Drs. Charles Davis and Kathryn Hollenbach  •  Angie DeCaro ♥  •  Jim and Sally Ditto∆  •  Sally Dubois and Dan Porte  •  Chris Duke and Harriet Kounaves∆  •  Berit and Tom Durler  •  Virginia and Chris Eddy  •  Hilit and Barry Edelstein∆  •  Bill Eiffert and Leslie Hodge  •  Dieter Fischer/Dieter's Mercedes Service Inc.  •  Dr. Ben and Susan Frishberg∆  •  Teresa George ♥  •  Jarrod Gerardot and Joel Pasion  •  Norman and Patricia Gillespie  •  Wendy Gillespie  •  Robert Gleason and Marc Matys  •  Mark and Hanna Gleiberman  •  Fred and Lisa Goldberg∆  •  Cathryn Golden ♥  •  Louise and Doug Goodman  •  Edry Goot∆  •  Charles Gyselbrecht and Eric Taylor  •  Thomas and Cristina Hahn ♥  •  Guy and Laurie Halgren  •  Pat and Rick Harmetz  •  Gordon and Phyllis Harris∆  •  Patrick Harrison and Eleanor Lynch ♥  •  Richard and Linda Hascup  •  Dana Hosseini and Stacie Young  •  Bill and Nancy Homeyer ♥  •  Gary and Carrie Huckell  •  Dea and Osborn Hurston  •  Gayle Huyser  •  The Jasada Foundation  •  Johnson Family Foundation  •  Jerry* and Marge Katleman  •  Edythe Kenton  •  Ken and Sheryl King  •  John Kirby and Anthony Toia  •  Jane and Ray* Klofkorn ♥  •  Bill and Linda Kolb ♥  •  Drs. Janice and Matt Kurth  •  Regina Kurtz, in loving memory of Al Isenberg  •  James and Janice LaGrone ♥  •  Verónica and Miguel Leff  •  Terry and Mary Lehr  •  The Leist Family ♥  •  Jeffrey and Hillary Liber Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation  •  Robin J. Lipman ♥  •  Robin B. Luby∆  •  Neal and Heike Maglaque  •  Sally and Luis Maizel  •  Jackie and Charlie Mann Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation  •  Eileen Mason  •  Dr. Ted and Marcy Mazer  •  Dennis A. McConnell  •  Oliver McElroy and Karen DeLaurier  •  Dr.* and Mrs. M. Joseph McGreevy  •  Mim and Bill McKenzie  •  Diane McKernan and Steve Lyman∆  •  Judi Menzel ♥  •  Dean and Sue Mills  •  Ilene Mittman in memory of Dr. Charles Mittman  •  Akiko Charlene Morimoto and Hubert Frank Hamilton, Jr.  •  Nancy and James Mullen  •  Elspeth and Jim Myer  •  Joyce Nash  •  Lyn Nelson  •  Mark C. Niblack, M.D. ♥  •  Noelle Norton and Erwin Willis ♥∆  •  NWB Imaging, LLC.  •  Micki Olin and Reid Abrams  •  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Pastore  •  L. Robert and Patricia Payne  •  Anita Pittman  •  Col.* and Mrs. Ben Pollard  •  Dr. Julie A. Prazich and Dr. Sara Rosenthal  •  Ranch & Coast Magazine  •  Christine Hargrove Roberts  •  Julie and Jay Sarno  •  Jackie Schoell∆  •  In memory of Axel  •  Richard Shapiro and Marsha Janger  •  Timothy J. Shields∆  •  Drs. Joseph and Gloria Shurman  •  Mark and Katherine Silver  •  Alan and Esther Siman  •  Sing Your Song, Inc.  •  Susan and Gerald Slavet∆  •  Kathleen and Al Steele ♥  •  Nancy Steinhart and Rebecca Goodpasture ♥  •  Bob* and Mike Stivers  •  Louise and Jack Strecker ♥  •  Deborah Szekely  •  Karen and Don Tartre ♥  •  TravelStruck  •  Suzanne Poet Turner and Michael T. Turner ♥  •  Susan and Larry Twomey ♥  •  Donald and Kathryn Vaughn  •  Peggy Ann Wallace  •  Judith Wenker∆  •  J.D. and Linda Wessling∆  •  The Westgate Hotel  •  Catherine and Frank White  •  Stephen, Julia and Kendra Willey  •  Diana (DJ) Barliant and Nowell Wisch Endowment Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation  •  Alex Yañez and Brent Garcia  •  Charlie Zieky and Bob Berman  •  Helene and Allan Ziman Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation  •  Anonymous (10) ∆ 


Starting in 2022, Friends of The Old Globe donors will be recognized for their total giving from the preceding fiscal year. Your giving in 2022 will be recognized throughout 2023.


($1,000 to $2,999)

Dede Alpert∆  •  Diana and Don Ambrose  •  In loving memory of Stanley E. Anderson∆  •  Mrs. Cyla Andrus and Mr. Darrell Mead  •  Lynell Antrim∆  •  Jeff and Donna Applestein  •  Helen Ashley  •  Toni Atkins and Jennifer LeSar  •  Katherine Austin  •  Judith Bachner and Eric Lasley  •  Dr. Stephen Miller Baird∆  •  Helene Beck∆  •  Nell Benjamin and Laurence O'Keefe  •  Sondra and Robert Berk Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation  •  Edgar and Julie Berner∆  •  Sally and John Berry  •  Giovanni and Carolyn Bertussi∆  •  Mary Ann Beyster  •  Norma and Craig Blakey  •  Robert Blanchard and Lynda Forsha  •  Robert S. Boltax, M.D.∆  •  Rich and Beth Brenner  •  John Burns and Dr. CC Cameron  •  Raedel Calori and The Backman Family∆  •  Cappetta Family Foundation  •  Chicago Title Company  •  Janet and Maarten Chrispeels∆  •  Katharine Cline and Michael Lee  •  Marge Cole  •  Pamela Cooper  •  Miguel Cordoba∆  •  Patricia David  •  Mike and Heather Dietsch∆  •  Donna Donati∆  •  Stephen and Sandra Dorros  •  Jacqueline and Stanley Drosch∆  •  John* and Barbara Edgington∆  •  Joanne Morrison Ehly  •  James and Ann Marie Elliff  •  David Elmer∆  •  Arthur Engel  •  Walt Fidler  •  Monica Fimbres  •  Jean and Sid* Fox  •  John and Natalie Fulton  •  Donna and Jack Galloway  •  Cheryl and Steven Garfin∆  •  Harriet Gerza∆  •  Doug Gillingham and Dana Friehauf  •  Geraldo and Scarrain Gomes Fund  •  Louise and Doug Goodman  •  Gayle and Dwight Gordon  •  William and Natalie Gore  •  Euvoughn Greenan∆  •  Casey and Maybritt Haeling  •  Handel's Ice Cream  •  Kevin Harvey∆  •  Salah Hassanein∆  •  Mary Haviland  •  Allan Heider and Jennifer Jett  •  Brent and Dina Helbig∆  •  Phil and Kathy Henry  •  Jamie Henson and Robert Houskeeper  •  Suzanne Hess∆  •  Ken and Shirley Hinkley  •  Peggy and John Holl  •  Rodney and Robyn Hood  •  Bruce and Jane Hopkins  •  Martin and Susan Hupka  •  Stephanie and Carl Hurst∆  •  Ikizyan Family  •  Joe and Phyl Ironworks∆  •  Christie Iverson  •  Nancy Janus  •  Dr. Jim Jaranson Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation  •  Jay Jeffcoat  •  Janis Jones  •  Kenneth and Marilyn Jones  •  Angela and Matthew Kilman∆  •  Oskar and Judith Kirsten  •  Robert P. Kull and Jo Ann Curcia-Kull∆  •  La Jolla Kiwanis Foundation  •  Lisa Lambert∆  •  Joon Lee  •  Marshall and Judy Lewis∆  •  Friends and Family of Michael Reynolds  •  Louis Vuitton  •  Jennifer Luce  •  Jain Malkin  •  Jasna Markovac and Gary Miller  •  Kelly Martinez∆  •  Eileen A. Mason∆  •  Joan McAfee  •  Robert McCommins  •  Ron McMillan  •  Robert and Leslie Mercado  •  Mike Merrill and Pamela Maudsley-Merrill  •  Nathan Meyers and Vicki Righettini  •  Trevor and Teresa Mihalik  •  Rena Minisi and Rich Paul∆  •  Ursula and Hans Moede  •  Martha and Chuck Moffett∆  •  Chuck and Angela Mol  •  Thomas Moore∆  •  Charles and Susan Muha∆  •  Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Munzinger∆  •  Mark Nash  •  Daryl Nees  •  Joan and Charles Neumann∆  •  Ronald J. Newell  •  Michael and Linda Niggli  •  Mikki Nooney  •  Northern Trust Bank  •  Mary Norwood  •  Rich and June Nygaard  •  Thomas and Tanya O'Donnell∆  •  Kimberly and David Ohanian  •  Dianna Orth∆  •  Dr. David and Elizabeth Ostrander  •  Christopher and Susan Pantaleoni  •  John and Diane Parks  •  Lori Partrick  •  Priya Patel  •  Sandra D. Barstow, in memory of Margaret Peninger  •  Robert and Esther Pock  •  Magdalena Pulham∆  •  Kathleen and Cameron Jay Rains  •  Dianne and Bruce Ramet∆  •  Catherine Rempel  •  Susan Reynolds and Allison Rossett  •  Michael and Deborah Rider  •  Vivian Reznik, M.D. and Andrew Ries, M.D.  •  Michael Robertson and Dale Johnston  •  Bingo and Gino Roncelli∆  •  Steven Ross∆  •  Lynne and Glenn Rossman  •  Michael and Elisa Rott  •  Joy Rottenstein∆  •  Mary Ann Rowan and Drew Sprague  •  Robert Rubenstein and Marie Raftery  •  RKG Wealth Management  •  Dawn and Phil Rudolph  •  Galit Ryan  •  Denis and Kristine Salmon  •  Susan Salt∆  •  Rich and Christy Scannell∆  •  Sheryl and Bob Scarano  •  Rhonda and Scott Schmid  •  Kathy Schneider  •  David M. Scott∆  •  Karen Sedgwick  •  Jennifer and Kenneth Sghia-Hughes∆  •  The Silver Family  •  Dr. Carol Harter and Mr. William Smith∆  •  Steve Steinke  •  Lisa Striebing  •  Dan and Katie Sullivan∆  •  Miriam and Gene Summ  •  Clifford and Kay Sweet  •  John and Gail Tauscher∆  •  Anne Taylor  •  Thomas Templeton and Mary E. Erlenborn  •  Matt and Christine Thoene  •  Barry and Christine Tobias  •  Christine and Kent Trimble  •  Mike Tristani and David Urban  •  Natalie C. Venezia and Paul A. Sager  •  Karen Walker  •  The Ward Family Charitable Fund  •  The Samuel L. Westerman Foundation  •  Sandy Wichelecki and Suzanne Dukes  •  Carol Wilson  •  Cass Witkowski Family∆  •  The Witz Family  •  Joseph and Mary Witztum  •  Robert and Deborah Young∆  •  Sandra and Peter Zarcades  •  Howard and Christy Zatkin  •  Anonymous (15)∆


($500 to $999)

Margaret and Tony Acampora  •  John and Lisa Allen  •  Robin Allgren  •  Debra and Dave Alpert  •  Arleene Antin and Leonard Ozerkis  •  Tony and Kathy Arciero  •  Axel Coaching, LLC  •  John and Elizabeth Bagby∆  •  Drs. Andrew Baird and Linda Hill  •  Ed Baize and Anna Giacconi  •  Mike Bannan  •  Sharon Beamer∆  •  Steven Bertiz  •  Sheila Bhalla  •  Mary Anne Bixby  •  Joyce and Bob Blumberg∆  •  Gaylyn Boone∆  •  Deb and Brand Brickman  •  Marshall and Marilyn Brown  •  Beth Bruton  •  Steven Burgess∆  •  Laurie Burgett  •  Christy and Whitney Carter∆  •  Gavin and Grace Carter  •  Jean Cheng∆  •  Ms. Lisa Churchill and Dr. Susan Forsburg  •  Phillip Cole, M.D. and Christopher Morris  •  Will and Lisette Conner∆  •  Steve Kelly and Maryanne Cordahl  •  Dan Cornthwaite and Alexander Dumas∆  •  Ginny Corrente  •  Jerry and Leslie Coughlan  •  Charley and Barb Crew∆  •  Royda Crosland  •  Emery and Georgia Cummins∆  •  Sally Curran and Keith De Conde∆  •  John and Michelle Dannecker  •  Linda Davies  •  Steve and Susan Davis  •  Charles Deem∆  •  Caroline DeMar  •  Don and Julie DeMent  •  Keith and Anna Dennelly∆  •  Dean and Mrs. Michael H. Dessent∆  •  Hon. Vincent Di Figlia  •  Mary Dragoo  •  Lisa DuMolt  •  James and Renée Dean Dunford, MD  •  Bill Eadie  •  Gary and Rachel Edwards  •  Aileen and Dan Emer  •  Eric Emont and Barbara Snyder Emont  •  Nate and Margaret Englund  •  James and Louise Esposito  •  Elena Federzoni  •  Susan Fox  •  Judith and Dr. William Friedel  •  Catherine R. Friedman  •  David Garcia  •  Cameron and Rachel Glibert  •  Kelli Glover  •  Kathe Goldberg∆  •  Pamela Goosby∆  •  Melvin Gregory and Carmel Myers  •  Ellen Gross  •  Robert Halleck and Della Janis  •  Mark and Corrine Harvey  •  Robert Haskell  •  Tom and Lynn Hawkins  •  Kaaren Henderson∆  •  Jill and Steve Herbold  •  Sarah and Chris Herr  •  Christine Hickman and Dennis Ragen∆  •  Sara Hickmann  •  Robert and Sabine Hildebrand  •  James and Cathy Hirsch  •  Michele and Xuan Ho∆  •  Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Hueter  •  Katherine Immerman  •  Joseph and Eileen Innecken∆  •  Dr. Steven Jaeger and Joe Zilvinskis  •  Sylvia Johnson  •  Dan Jones  •  Simone Kanter  •  Barbara Karpinski  •  Harv and Louise Kauffman∆  •  Mike and Carol Kearney  •  Wilfred Kearse and Lynne Champagne  •  Paul Kelly  •  Dr. Gerald and Barbara Kent  •  Joy and Jeff Kirsch∆  •  Dorothy and Robert Knox  •  Michael and Cynthia Kohn  •  Betty and Dr. Leonard Kornreich  •  Dr. Marvin M. Kripps∆  •  Guliz Kuruoglu∆  •  Eleanor E. Kussman∆  •  Frances and Jack Kyte  •  Dan and Maria Lai  •  Laura Landau  •  Bill and Tamara Lascurain∆  •  Alexis Lasheras  •  David and Sandra Lee  •  B. Leonard Levy∆  •  Mary R. Limoges  •  Ron and Gaye Lingley  •  Eric and Lori Longstreet  •  Sande L. Hall and Kyle E. Lovel∆  •  Robert Lundy  •  in memory of Dr. David Lynn∆  •  Rob McDonald and Tad Bratten  •  Neil Malmquist  •  Mercy and Ron Mandelbaum∆  •  Chana and Frank Mannen  •  Julianne Markow  •  Scott Markus  •  Casey and Meridith Marquis  •  John Martin  •  Tim Mason∆  •  Rev. Stephen J. Mather  •  Kevin and Carol McCarthy  •  Ronald McCaskill and Robyn Rogers∆  •  Douglas and Edie McCoy∆  •  J. Allen and Emily McCutchan∆  •  Larry McDonald and Clare White-McDonald  •  Robert McGowan and Susan Jacobi∆  •  Maggi McKerrow  •  Monica Medina ♥  •  Jeanie and James Milliken  •  JR Morgan  •  Dr. Robert and Ms. Anne Morrison  •  Maria and Charles Nagy  •  Joseph Naylor and Yosuke Chikamoto  •  Marsha J. Netzer∆  •  Trey and Carla Nolan  •  Barbara and David Noonan  •  William and Catherine Norcross  •  Lou Ochoa and Paige Kerr∆  •  Nancy Cannon-O'Connell  •  Linda and Larry Okmin  •  Ben Olson  •  Stephen B. O'Neill  •  Barbara L. Parry∆  •  Alexandra Pearson and Paul Meschler  •  Kevin and Coreen Petti  •  Pat and Evelyn Phillips  •  Janette Piankoff  •  Lisa Pluth∆  •  Mr. and Mrs. Jon Pollock  •  Eve Pritchard  •  San Diego Project Heart Beat  •  Ellen Quigley∆  •  Adele Rabin  •  Gene and Taffin Ray  •  Sandra Redman  •  Leslie Reed∆  •  The Regnery Family Trust  •  Terry and Janelle Rhoderick∆  •  Christy and Rich Riley  •  Patrick and Marti Ritto∆  •  Robert Roberto  •  Tom and Mary Roberts  •  Sheryl Rowling  •  Dr. Norman and Barbara Rozansky  •  Don and Cynthia Rushing  •  Terry J. Sampite∆  •  Ida Sandico-Whitaker and Robert Whitaker  •  Robert J. Schott  •  Martin* and Connie Schroeder∆  •  Judith Persky and Joseph Schuman∆  •  The Estate of Daniel Schwarz   •  Linda and Harold Scott  •  Tim and Luci Serlet  •  Natalie H. Service  •  Dr. Katharine Sheehan and Dr. Frederick Walker∆  •  Michele and John Shumate  •  Susan B. Shurin  •  Mitchell and Elizabeth Siegler∆  •  Beverly and Howard Silldorf  •  Anne and Ronald Simon  •  Lupe Smith  •  Malcolm E. Smith  •  Elyse Sollender  •  Norman and Judith Solomon  •  Marisa SorBello and Peter V. Czipott  •  John and Lynn Spafford  •  Bill and Barbara Sperling∆  •  Shannon Spisak  •  Pam Stafford  •  Stanley Black & Decker  •  Stephen Strawbridge  •  Patricia Stromberg∆  •  Ronald and Susan Styn  •  Eric and Marian Suggs  •  Norm and Laura Swauger∆  •  Enrique Torres  •  Selma Torres∆  •  Sandy Troya∆  •  James Turner and Lisa Stewart  •  Virginia L. Unanue∆  •  Hannah Van Etten  •  Gladfred Viery  •  Aaron and Jennifer Wahl  •  John Walsh∆  •  Anne Walter  •  Ann W. Wang  •  Rex and Kathy Warburton∆  •  Ken and Susan Watson  •  Pam and Steve Wedel  •  Janis Wellberg  •  Diane Willian  •  Andrew and Carisa Wisniewski  •  Judith Wolf∆  •  Chuck and Curry Wolfe∆  •  Bonnie J. Wright  •  Mr. and Mrs.* C.E. Wylie/C.E. Wylie Construction Company  •  Brendan M. and Kaye I. Wynne∆  •  Earl and Judy Yager  •  Mary Ann Yaghdjian, MSRE∆  •  Helena Yao∆  •  Anonymous (20)∆ 


($250 to $499)

Charlene Abrahamson  •  Hon. Louise De Carl Adler  •  Karin Albright  •  Barbara Alderson∆  •  Gene and Pat Alfaro  •  Jeff and Carmen Aliber  •  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allison  •  Ron and Ann Alpert∆  •  Sumeet Anand  •  Melvianne Andersen  •  Philip Anderson and Verónica Valdés Anderson  •  Tad Anderson∆  •  Julie Aquino  •  Mr. Alexander S. Ardwin  •  Frank Armijo∆  •  J.M. Ascenzi, Ph.D.  •  Assaf Family Fund  •  Lynn and Connie Baer  •  Keena Edyn Baker  •  David and Judy Banks  •  Philip and Victoria Barham∆  •  Greg and Radka Bartholomew  •  Cheri Belcoe  •  Hon. Cathy Ann Bencivengo  •  BenMichel Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation  •  Drs. John and Karen Berger∆  •  Jo A. Berman  •  Kevin Bertrand  •  Berumen Family  •  Ellen Beshears  •  Jabe and Frances Best  •  Alex Bierhuis  •  Perry S. Binder, M.D.  •  Charlotte Bird  •  Kimberlee Blake and Diana Koga∆  •  Wickliffe and John Blasi∆  •  Lisbeth Blum∆  •  Gordon Boerner  •  Kay Faulconer Boger, Ed.D∆  •  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Boland  •  Arthur Boothroyd and Carol Mackersie∆  •  Abha Bosworth  •  MaryCatherine Bowell  •  Bill Bowen∆  •  James and Donna Bowersox∆  •  Denise Bowman  •  Mary Jo Bowman  •  Helen M. Boyden  •  Carolyn Bragg  •  Carole Wilson and Robert Brandt∆  •  Dr. Edward & Cherisse Brantz  •  Bob and Maxine Braude∆  •  Gail Braverman  •  Julie Breher∆  •  Mary Brewer  •  LaVerne and Blaine Briggs  •  Arthur Brisolara  •  Hilarey Findeisen and George Brown  •  Marilyn Creson Brown∆  •  Patricia Brown  •  Terri Bryson  •  Mary Buehler  •  Stephen and Lisa Burch∆  •  Clint and Susie Burdett  •  Ron Burner∆  •  Susan Buxbaum∆  •  Renner Family∆  •  Diane and David Canedo  •  Edmund and Gale Capparelli∆  •  Michael Carlin and Sharon Fenner  •  Monique Caron and Luis Jarquin  •  LaVonne and Paul Cashman  •  Alexandria Cassatt  •  The Castelloe Family  •  Luis Castillo∆  •  Jerry and Katie Cawthorne∆  •  Luc Cayet and Anne Marie Pleska  •  Stephen and Carol Center  •  Jill and Dr. Hank Chambers∆  •  Gregory F. Charles∆  •  Young Cho∆  •  Russ and Kathy Christiansen∆  •  Elizabeth Clark  •  Michael and Alexandra Cleveland  •  Teresa Cooper∆  •  James Coyne and Melanie Picconi  •  Edward Croft and Erica Alarcon  •  Kathleen Cudahy  •  Tiffany Cuellar∆  •  Ellie Cunningham  •  Nancy Cunningham  •  Richard and Lynn Cusac∆  •  Kelsey Dahlke  •  Karen A Daniels  •  Eduard and Catherine de los Rios  •  Dwain and Cathy Deets∆  •  Tennye Denton  •  Gautam Dey  •  Philip H. and Ruth W. Dickinson Family Fund at the San Diego Foundation  •  Charles and Patricia Dintrone  •  Richard and Colleen Doering∆  •  Mary Donnelly∆  •  Walter W. Doren  •  Kristi Douglas  •  Magaly Drant  •  Adrienne Driskill∆  •  Susan Dube  •  David Dufek and Annette Goff Dufek  •  Carol L. Dunbar  •  Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Dunn  •  Dennis Emerling  •  Todd Enneking∆  •  Julia Farag∆  •  Bill and Mary Farrell∆  •  Clark and Patricia Fernon∆  •  Dr. Susan Ferraris  •  Dale Fisher∆  •  Paula Fitzgerald and Christopher Nielsen  •  Virginia Fleming  •  Amy and Stephen Forrest  •  Lydia and Jean Fox in memory of G. Sidney Fox  •  Robert and Stacey Foxworth  •  Linda and Reginald Frank∆  •  Caroline Frederick  •  Dr. Richard & Randee Friedman  •  Ellen Fujikawa∆  •  Anne Fuller and Michael Sakarias  •  Mary Fuson∆  •  Craig and Meredith Garner  •  Robert and Angela Gascho  •  Caroline Geldard  •  Stacy Cromidas and Ruth Gilbert  •  Georgia Gilderman∆  •  Frank Gladden∆  •  Marie Glass∆  •  Don and Dale Goldman  •  Cathy Gonzales  •  Janet Gorrie  •  Jeff Goyette  •  Jason Gray∆  •  William Green∆  •  Lydia Greiner∆  •  Gary and Anne Grim  •  David A. Gubser in memory of Richard A. Lieboff  •  Ariela Gugenheim  •  Tom Guthrie and Greg Tompkins∆  •  P.K. Hagan∆  •  Wayne and Mary Hager∆  •  Charles and Carole Hair  •  Thomas Hall  •  Steve Hamilton  •  Jim and Julie Hardesty  •  Carolyn Harris  •  Debra Harris∆  •  James and Ruth Harris  •  John and Jill Hastings∆  •  Alan and Pam Hay∆  •  Garry and Sharon Hays  •  Rachel Heald∆  •  Susan and Joe Healy  •  Paul Hegyi  •  Barbara and Kirk Henry  •  Marilyn and Daniel Herde∆  •  Catherine Hileman∆  •  Estate of Judith and Mandel Himelstein∆  •  Lara Hoefer Moir  •  Eric and Elizabeth Hofmeister  •  Michael and Jill Holmes  •  Victoria and George Hood∆  •  Mark Hoose  •  Gurdon Hornor  •  Sunshine Horton∆  •  Tom Horvath and Claudia Baranowski  •  Rob Howe  •  Sandra K. Piccillo  •  Forest and Betty Hudson  •  Jason Hums  •  Ron and Kim Hunt  •  Gayle Huyser  •  Summer Iverson  •  Earl J. Jackson∆  •  Randy and Carrol Jackson  •  Craig and Kim Jacobs  •  Nora Taylor Jaffe  •  Ed and Linda Janon  •  Timothy and Barbara Jenkins∆  •  Andrew and Edith Jirak  •  Paula Jolley∆  •  Dr. and Mrs. Clyde* W. Jones  •  Sara Jorissen∆  •  Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D.  •  Jasmin Kaeser∆  •  John and Marianne Kalina  •  Gilbert and Mary Lou Kammerer∆  •  Alexa and Matthew Kaplan  •  Trina Kaplan  •  The Kath Family  •  Nan and Gery Katona  •  Edward and Jeri Keiller∆  •  Julia Kelety  •  Doug Kempf∆  •  Dennis Kern∆  •  Kim Kleber  •  Jo Ann Knutson  •  Jeri Koltun  •  Beth Korkuch  •  Vlassi Kouris  •  Christel Krause  •  Dee and Niki Krutop∆  •  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kucinski  •  Lura Kulhavy  •  Andrea Ladmer∆  •  Andy Lang  •  Steve and Ginny LaSala∆  •  Marc Lawrence  •  Claude and Jean Le Tien  •  Kimberly Leary∆  •  Carlos and Linda LeGerrette  •  Susan E. Lerner∆  •  Mindy Letourneau∆  •  Beth Levine and Henry Abarbanel  •  Ira Levine  •  Natasha Levitt∆  •  Doug and Stephanie Lewis∆  •  Susan Lewis  •  Zita Liebermensch∆  •  Jing Lin  •  Gary Link∆  •  The Loeb & Wilson Family∆  •  Giulia Longo∆  •  Michelle Longtin  •  Mark C. Lorenzo  •  Claudia Lowenstein  •  Dani Luster and Mark Schmitt  •  Janet and Jim Madden∆  •  Johnny Mah∆  •  Jeanne Maltese  •  Deborah and Fred Mandabach  •  Russell Mangerie  •  Patricia Manning  •  The Marin Family  •  Jeff Markel  •  Zi and Gene Marsh  •  Harold and Beverly Martyn  •  Martin and Joanne Marugg  •  Jessica Mazalewski  •  David McCall and William Cross  •  Christian and Melissa McChesney∆  •  Harry and Patty McDean∆  •  Ann McDonald∆  •  Christine McFadden  •  Mr. Stephen Wright and Ms. Shawn McFarlane  •  Paula and Douglas McGraime∆  •  Cynthia McIntyre  •  Mike and Rosalyn McKinney∆  •  Melissa McVay  •  Mary Mearns∆  •  Joseph J Meyer∆  •  Laura Middlebrook∆  •  Andrea Migdal and Michael Tierney  •  Craig and Betsey Monsell  •  Bernie and Carolyn Morse∆  •  Rafeal and Debora Munoz∆  •  Carola Murguia∆  •  Margaret E. Murphy  • Jerome Nadler  •  Jan and Mark Newmark  •  Robert and Alice Niderost  •  Randy and Susan Nielsen  •  James and Kareen Novak  •  Julie Nydam  •  Chris and Mike O'Donnell  •  Virginia Oliver  •  Margaret Oman  •  Reuben Orona and Claire Cazares  •  Babette R. Ortiz∆  •  Barbara Oswalt  •  Beth Ott∆  •  Darlene Papano  •  Sally Parker∆  •  Gabriela Parra∆  •  Virginia Patch  •  Tim and Leslie Paul  •  Amy and Dave Pavlicek  •  Dennis and Nan Pennell∆  •  Richard D. Perlman, M.D.  •  Margaret and James Pesavento  •  Frank Petersen∆  •  Kathleen Pinon∆  •  Victoria and David Plettner-Saunders  •  Christopher Porter∆  •  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Posner  •  Barbara J. Pricola  •  Alex and Eileen Pue∆  •  Stephen Pultz and Kelly Jenkins-Pultz  •  Fred and Linda Radecki  •  Eve Raftery  •  Paula Rattigan  •  Jason Redditt∆  •  Ron Reff and Barbara Pollack  •  June Rider  •  Ida Rigby  •  Arthur and Mary Robertson  •  Dr. and Mrs. Richard Robertson∆  •  Jodyne Roseman  •  Stuart Rosenwasser∆  •  David Rubin  •  Dr. Steven and Lisa Ruderman  •  Scott and Kimberly Rusnak  •  Jeffrey and Suzanne Russell∆  •  Mr. and Mrs. Todd Ruth  •  George and Karen Sachs  •  Mark Sadoff∆  •  Donna Valerie  •  Lillian Schafer  •  Richard Schneider∆  •  Myron and Doreen Schonbrun∆  •  John Seitman and Joan Irion   •  Tom Selgas and Jocelyne Marshall∆  •  Alyssa Sepinwall and Steve Goldstein  •  Eva Shore∆  •  Richard and Eleanor Shorter  •  Allen and Julie Shumate  •  Lance Smith  •  Kathie Adams and Myke Smith  •  Abby Snyder  •  Paul and Margaret Speckart∆  •  Ann Spira  •  Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Spitz  •  John Paul Spring  •  Cheryl Standard∆  •  Steve Stelman∆  •  Hilton and Deb Stemwedel  •  Marcia Kern and James Stern  •  Shauna Stokes∆  •  David and Hannah Stone∆  •  Mary Lou Stone∆  •  David and Janet Stormoen  •  Robert H. Street  •  Leslie H. Stupp  •  James Sutorius  •  Nancy Swanson∆  •  Mrs. J. B. (Cruz) Swedelius  •  Diane Saikhon-Szekely  •  Darlene and Ernest Tamayo∆  •  Brian and Janet Taylor  •  Virginia Taylor  •  Judith Thomas∆  •  Ed Thomason∆  •  Bill Tobin  •  Bill and Cindy Trepanier∆  •  Laurel Trujillo and Dennis MacBain∆  •  Todd and Susan Turner  •  Melinda Underkofler  •  Edward Underwood  •  Melissa Usher  •  Lori Van Orden  •  Mary Vorhis ∆  •  Maj. and Mrs. J.B. Wallace  •  Nancy Ward  •  Jeannine Watkins∆  •  Theodore Weathers and Terry McEachern  •  Rosanne and Dean Weiman  •  Kevin and Robin Werner  •  Margaret West  •  Charles White  •  Leslie Wiegand  •  Rachelle Wilkinson∆  •  Pamela Willis and Warren Shafer  •  Don Wilson∆  •  Carey Winston∆  •  John* and Lenora Witt  •  Craig and Barbara Wolf  •  William F. and Norah D. Wolff  •  Karyn Womach∆  •  Clarence R Woods∆  •  Kathy Woodworth and Allison Woodworth  •  Rich Wordes and Amy Hitchcock  •  Jon Wreschinsky  •  Bennett Wright∆  •  Sabrina Wright∆  •  Lynn Yahr  •  James and Suzy Yates  •  Cathy Young and Mary O'Tousa  •  Maria L. Zadorozny∆  •  Will Miller and Anna Ziegler∆  •  Ellen and Jack Zyroff  •  Anonymous (51)∆


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