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Throughout the history of The Old Globe, several artists have distinguished themselves and epitomized the heart and soul of the organization by repeatedly sharing their talents on our stages and in our shops. In recognition of their dedication and their unique contributions to the growth of this organization, we take great pride and pleasure in acknowledging them as Associate Artists of The Old Globe.

Associate Artists

William Anton
Gregg Barnes
Jacqueline Brookes*
Lewis Brown*
Victor Buono*
Wayland Capwell*
Kandis Chappell
Eric Christmas*
Patricia Conolly
George Deloy
Tim Donoghue
Richard Easton*
Tovah Feldshuh
Monique Fowler
Robert Foxworth
Ralph Funicello
Lillian Garrett-Groag
Harry Groener
A.R. Gurney*
Joseph Hardy
Mark Harelik
Bob James
Charles Janasz
Peggy Kellner*
Tom Lacy*
Diana Maddox
Nicholas Martin*
Dakin Matthews
Deborah May
Katherine McGrath*
John McLain
Jonathan McMurtry*
Stephen Metcalfe
Robert Morgan
Patrick Page
Ellis Rabb*
Steve Rankin
William Roesch*
Robin Pearson Rose
Marion Ross
Steven Rubin
Ken Ruta
Douglas W. Schmidt
Seret Scott
Richard Seer
David F. Segal
Richard Seger*
Diane Sinor*
Don Sparks
David Ogden Stiers*
Conrad Susa*
Deborah Taylor
Irene Tedrow*
Sada Thompson*
Paxton Whitehead*
James Winker
Robert Wojewodski*
G Wood*

*In Memoriam