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Powers New Voices Festival - The Janeiad

January 12

Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre
Conrad Prebys Theatre Center

Photo Credits

(from left) Reanne Acasio, Carol Cabrera, and Alexandra Slade, Celebrating Community Voices at the Powers New Voices Festival, 2019. Photo by Rich Soublet II.

Powers New Voices Festival - The Janeiad


The Janeiad
By Anna Ziegler

7:30 p.m.

In The Odyssey, Penelope’s long wait is eventually rewarded when Odysseus returns 20 years after leaving to fight the Trojan War. Will the same be true for Jane in Brooklyn in 2021, 20 years after her husband left for work one fateful September morning? A play about longing and hope as well as the myths we tell ourselves in order to get through the day, The Janeiad is a wry contemplation of the power, and slipperiness, of storytelling.

Tickets to all festival readings require reservations and are free. Reservations for Globe subscribers and donors are available now through January 4, 2023. Subject to availability, reservations for the general public will be available beginning January 5 at 12:00 noon. A line for standby seating will form 30 minutes before each performance of the Powers New Voices Festival. Based on ticket-holder attendance, those standing in the standby line may be seated. Seating is based on seat availability and is not guaranteed. Latecomers with tickets are also not guaranteed admittance.