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Powers New Voices Festival - Celebrating Community Voices

January 13

Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre
Conrad Prebys Theatre Center

Photo Credits

(from left) Reanne Acasio, Carol Cabrera, and Alexandra Slade, Celebrating Community Voices at the Powers New Voices Festival, 2019. Photo by Rich Soublet II.

Powers New Voices Festival - Celebrating Community Voices


Celebrating Community Voices

7:30 p.m.

Under the Guise of Love
By Casj
Adamma, a young singer and legacy space child of the Pulchritude settlement on Zozinada, finds herself caught in a war of two hearts and three species.

To Tessa, from Dad
By Michaela Subido
Tessa, a young Filipina filmmaker, captures her last conversations with her father as they explore the past, their present relationship, and the uncertainty of the future.

Everyone Loves Raiin for the Day
By Rudi Fate
Raiin, a dedicated therapist, will do anything to “save” her clients.

Between the Seams
By Melanie Taing
Actuary by day and metalhead by night, Robynn deliberates her grandmother over her marital status.

Two Gay Desis
By Farah Dinga
Rida, a queer Pakistani person, has decided to get an arranged marriage. When sharing the news to their older queer cousin Nabila at this year’s Eid celebration, Nabila questions Rida about their impending wedding.

By Gingerlily Lowe
Three generations confront their own legacy of female feet binding and subjugation.

If These Walls Could Talk, and the Floor, and the Ceiling
By Daryl “Scooter” Davis
An exterminator dealing with bipolar disorder tries to convince his wife that he is ready to come home to rejoin the family—once he has made a few repairs.