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Theatre Design Studio

Applications for the Theatre Design Studio have been extended until spots are filled. Apply today!

Theatre Design Studio started as a pilot program in 2020 with partnering schools in collaboration with The Old Globe’s Production and Arts Engagement Departments. After excellent attendance and interest, TDS returns this year to all interested high school students and recent graduates. Theatre Design Studio is an intensive program that looks at the design components of theatre. Each week will feature a different subject: scenic design, costume design, and prop design. Students will attend lectures and participate in group activities that will lead to a final project based on each week’s focus. Students who complete their session will receive a certificate of completion and will be offered additional activities and access to Old Globe staff to enrich this opportunity further.

Session One | June 20–23, 2023 | Scenic Design

This week will focus on the art and craft of scenic design. Students will develop design composition and model-making skills.

Session Two | June 27–30, 2023 | Costume Design

Students will be given an overview of the costume design process. Join us to learn how to think like a costume designer and develop and present a theatrical costume design.

Session Three | July 3, 5–7, 2023 | Prop Design and Fabrication

Through hands-on projects, we will explore the art and craft of making stage props.

Apply Today!

Theatre Design Studio is a fee-based program. The tuition is $200 for each week of the program. Full and partial financial assistance toward the $200 weekly tuition fee will be provided for those who request it pending their application submission.