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Reflecting Shakespeare TV

and Reflecting Shakespeare Magazine

Our transformative Reflecting Shakespeare is availale for all through Reflecting Shakespeare TV and Reflecting Shakespeare Magazine! Originally created for those currently experiencing incarceration, it has proven to nurture empathy and allow participants to gain tools for self-expression through theatre-based activities, self-reflection, personal writing, and exploration of Shakespeare’s text and characters. Through videos featuring Arts Engagement Programs Manager Erika Phillips, Master Teaching Artist James Pillar, and Teaching Artist Niki Martinez, those on the outside can journey along to discover for themselves how to create a point of connection to humanity through Shakespeare. Find it on The Old Globe’s YouTube channel!

Watch on YouTube Here

Reflecting Shakespeare TV is supported in part by grants from the California Arts Council and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Arts Engagement programs at The Old Globe are supported in part by The James Irvine Foundation and Qualcomm. Digital programs are supported by the Peggy and Robert Matthews Foundation. Globe teaching artists are supported by the Ann Davies Fund for Teaching Artists. Financial support is provided by The City of San Diego.


Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Much Ado About Nothing: Self Defense Mechanisms

Season 3 Episode 2: Much Ado About Nothing: Falling in Love

Season 3 Episode 3: Much Ado About Nothing: The Masks We Wear

Season 3 Episode 4: Much Ado About Nothing: Disruptors and Their Followers

Season 3 Episode 5: Much Ado About Nothing: Positive Influence

Season 3 Episode 6: Much Ado About Nothing: Pride, Ego, and Hurt

Season 3 Episode 7: Much Ado About Nothing: Pain, Love and Loyalty

Season 3 Episode 8: Much Ado About Nothing: Bragging and Consequences

Season 3, Episode 9: Much Ado About: Penitence and The Road to Amends

Season 3, Episode 10: Much Ado About: Life’s Next Steps and Forgiveness


Season 2

Season 2: Episode 1: The Winter's Tale, Act 1 scene 2

Season 2: Episode 2: The Winter's Tale, Act 1 scene 2

Season 2: Episode 3

Season 2: Episode 4: Responding to Injustice with Music

Season 2: Episode 5: Innocence and Guilt

Season 2: Episode 6: Hope in the midst of despair

Season 2: Episode 7: Time

Season 2: Episode 8: Growth and Truth

Season 2: Episode 9: Stepping into Forgiveness

Season 2, Episode 10: Amends and Forgiveness

Season 2, Episode 11: Holiday Special


Season 1

Episode 1 - Longing, Hope, and Identity (Romeo and Juliet)

Episode 2 - Trusted Adults, Real Love, and Banishment (Romeo and Juliet)

Episode 3 - Expectations, Reputation, and the Past (Henry IV, Part I)

Episode 4 - Outgrowing a Reputation, Change in Self and Others (Henry V)

Episode 5 - Reflections (Henry V)

Episode 6 - Mercy (Henry V)

Episode 7 - Injustice, Revenge, and Healing (The Merchant of Venice)

Episode 8 - Leadership and Worth (Julius Caesar)

Episode 9 - Relationships (Julius Caesar)

Episode 10 - Responses from Our Youth