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On Book: The Old Globe's Shakespeare Reading Group

Join Us at The Old Globe's Facebook Group page

On Book: The Old Globe’s Shakespeare Reading Group is a free online group offering a chance to explore Shakespeare’s plays with other audience members as well as Globe artists and actors. Through live-streamed discussion meetings, as well as online question-and-answer sessions with Shakespeare scholars and actors, audiences will read and discuss Shakespeare’s plays, beginning with The Taming of the Shrew and Henry V. Guest artists will join the Globe’s Literary Manager and Dramaturg Danielle Mages Amato for an interactive exploration of the plays and how they make their way from page to stage. This group is intended for adults ages 18 and up, though it is appropriate for enthusiastic preteens and teens.

Next Events: March 1, 15, 29 and April 12, 26 at 12:00 noon PT

Where: Facebook Live on The Old Globe’s On Book Facebook group page

Join us Online Here


Digital programs are supported by the Peggy and Robert Matthews Foundation. Financial support is provided by The City of San Diego.


Session 13 - Rhetoric and Inspiration in Henry V

Session 12 - Teaching Henry V in Prisons

Session 11 - Shakespeare and Stage Combat

Session 10 - Henry V and Theatricality

Session 9 - Acting History

Session 8 - What Is a History Play?

Session 7 - Analyzing the Text

Session 6 - Shrew's Final Scene

Session 5 - Kate

Session 4 - Petruchio

Session 3 - Acting Shakespeare

Session 2 - Approaching the Stage

Session 1 - Approaching Shakespeare's Plays