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Powers New Voices Festival 2018

Friday, January 12 – Sunday, January 14, 2018


Voices of the Community: Celebrating Local Playwrights

Friday, January 12 at 7:30 p.m.

Readings of select works from the Globe’s Community Voices and coLAB initiatives, play development workshops that provide professional theatre-making skills to select San Diego communities. This evening is a curated collection of some of the best short scripts developed in these programs. They include Freedom, Can You Hear That? by Gill Sotu and participants from Fourth District Seniors Resource Center; Big Man by Dairrick Kahlil Hodges; The Hound and the Rat by Carter Davis; Rob & Lee by Katherine Harroff and participants from Veterans Village of San Diego; Dad and Dementia by David Latham; Ethel and Eleanora by Jonathan Mello; and Sunset Cliffs by Sheila Shaw.



They Promised Her the Moon

By Laurel Ollstein
Directed by Giovanna Sardelli

Saturday, January 13 at 4:00 p.m.

John Glenn is a household name, but Jerrie Cobb? Not so much. In 1960, Glenn was one of the famous “Mercury Seven” who trained at NASA to become the first American astronauts. But Cobb and 12 other women also underwent the same rigorous psychological and physical testing, some outscoring and outpacing their male counterparts. The men went to space, Jerrie Cobb was never given that chance. Laurel Ollstein’s They Promised Her the Moon tells the true story of this exceptional woman—a skilled aviator, a world record–holding pilot, a business executive—and the powerful forces that kept her earthbound.



Too Heavy for Your Pocket

By Jiréh Breon Holder
Directed by Patricia McGregor

Saturday, January 13 at 7:30 p.m.

For 20-year-old Bowzie Brandon, the future looks bright in Jiréh Breon Holder’s Too Heavy for Your Pocket. He has a loving wife, good friends, and a full scholarship to Fisk University, Nashville’s most prominent black college. But it’s 1961, and Bowzie gets swept up in the Freedom Riders movement, which promises a better world and a brighter tomorrow. Can Bowzie convince his loved ones—and himself—that the fight to shape his country’s future is worth risking his own? A heartfelt and moving look at what happens when you find yourself at the crossroads of history.



The Tale of Despereaux

By PigPen Theatre Co.
Directed by on the novel by Kate DiCamillo and the Universal Picture animated film

Sunday, January 14 at 3:00 p.m.

PigPen Theatre Co. returns to San Diego with The Tale of Despereaux after wowing Globe audiences last season with The Old Man and The Old Moon. This acclaimed company brings their inventive, musical style to this magical modern fairytale. Once upon a time in the faraway kingdom of Dor lived a brave and virtuous mouse who dreamed of becoming a knight. Banished from his home for his lofty ambitions, Despereaux sets off on a noble quest to rescue an endangered princess and save an entire kingdom from darkness. The Tale of Despereaux is a theatrical, musical enchantment based on the novel by Kate DiCamillo and the Universal Pictures animated motion picture.



The Great Leap

By Lauren Yee
Directed by Delicia Turner Sonnenberg

Sunday, January 14 at 7:30 p.m.

The Great Leap takes place in San Francisco in spring 1989. Manford Lum is a neighborhood star on the basketball courts of Chinatown, but he longs to make the leap to something more. Soon, he talks his way onto a college team headed for Beijing for an exhibition game and finds himself in the middle of China’s post-Cultural Revolution, where Manford suddenly perceives his past in the context of international politics. Inspired by events from the life of playwright Lauren Yee’s own father, The Great Leap is a fast-paced and hilarious play about family, history, and basketball.