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You know firsthand the joy, beauty, and meaning that The Old Globe brings to your life.

You also value what theatre can do for others. Your legacy gift will make it possible for the Globe to continue to touch the emotional lives of our community with superbly acted, stunningly beautiful productions that foster empathy and inform our audience about the issues confronting our shared humanity.

Your legacy gift will enable the Globe to invest in and cultivate the talents of those who will carry this work into the future. Your gift will make it possible to reach thousands of people not traditionally served by this work through the Globe’s extensive and transformative arts engagement programs. Through these free programs and performances, we touch the lives of 40,000 San Diegans each year both at the Globe and in neighborhoods throughout the region. Learn more about the Globe's arts engagement programs.

The Old Globe continues to be a beacon of world-class theatre, a major contributor to the national repertoire and to the future of our art form. Be a part of our future and leave a legacy to The Old Globe.

When you make plans in your estate to leave a gift to The Old Globe, whether for our endowment or for annual use, you honor the Globe’s extraordinary history while looking toward its boundless future. It is a future in which we serve the public good through theatre art. With a legacy gift to The Old Globe, you will be a part of that future in perpetuity.

The Craig Noel Legacy Society honors the Founding Director of The Old Globe, Craig Noel, whose visionary commitment to great theatre in San Diego laid the groundwork for the Globe’s success.

Craig Noel
Hal and Pam Fuson with their family at The Old Globe. Photo by Douglas Gates.
Photo Credits

Hal and Pam Fuson with their family at The Old Globe. Photo by Douglas Gates.

“Our legacy gift to The Old Globe is a mark of confidence in future generations, including our grandchildren. We look to them and their seatmates at The Old Globe and other fine performing arts institutions to carry San Diego, and all humanity, to the next level of greatness. Perhaps our Old Globe legacy will remind future generations that progress comes about because of each generation’s commitment to advance the next.”

Hal and Pam Fuson with their family at The Old Globe. Photo by Douglas Gates.

Our Craig Noel Legacy Society Members

The Craig Noel Legacy Society, comprised of Globe supporters who have made planned gifts, is a thriving group that enjoys special experiences and recognition. Thanks to this dedicated cohort, the Globe will continue to make theatre matter for many years to come.

Click here to view Craig Noel Legacy Society members.

How to make a legacy gift

There are many ways to leave a legacy and make theatre that matters for generations to come.

  • Bequest
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement accounts and IRA charitable rollovers
  • Charitable annuities
  • Donor-advised funds

Click here for more information on how to make a legacy gift.

How do I join the Craig Noel League Society?

When you have chosen to include The Old Globe in your estate plans, please provide your attorney or financial advisor the following information:

Legal Name: Old Globe Theatre dba The Old Globe
Tax Identification #: 95-1543396

You may also complete this PDF form and send it to us:

                  The Old Globe
                  Attn: Bridget Cantu Wear
                  P.O. Box 122171
                  San Diego, CA 92112-2171

The Old Globe is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts and bequests to The Old Globe are deductible for income-, gift-, and estate- tax purposes.

For more information, contact Bridget Cantu Wear, Associate Director of Philanthropy, Major Gifts and Legacy Giving, at bcantuwear@TheOldGlobe.org or (619) 684-4144.

“I want this theatre to have the security of an endowment so that we may continue to engage and inspire audiences for generations to come.”

Craig Noel, Founding Director of The Old Globe

Craig Noel, Founding Director of The Old Globe
Photo Credits

Craig Noel, Founding Director of The Old Globe