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Collective Reflection: An Intermodal Expressive Arts Workshop

December 04

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Photo by Rich Soublet II.

Collective Reflection: An Intermodal Expressive Arts Workshop


Collective Reflection: An Intermodal Expressive Arts Workshop

December 4, 2021, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. PT in Hattox Hall

In this 2-hour workshop, we will co-create a reflective, playful, and dimensional space of visual art-making, ensemble building, theatrical expression, and heart-felt community sharing. Expect to take it slow and listen in, find nourishment in your own creativity, and lean into small group ensemble creations that highlight personal and collective reflection. All skill levels welcome, no experience needed.

All participants will be masked and must show proof of vaccination. For more information, please review our COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy below.

COVID Health and Safety Policy


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Erika Malone is an expressive arts therapist and teaching artist of dance/theatre, and is currently working full time at The Monarch School, serving K-12 youth impacted by homelessness.  Her teaching artist work has taken root in San Diego since 2001, including residency programs and artistic projects with The Old Globe, Eveoke Dance Theatre, A Reason to Survive, Malashock Dance, San Diego Junior Theatre, and transcenDANCE Youth Arts Project.  She is part of the SD Creative Youth Development network, and deeply committed to elevating the voice of diverse youth in her community.  She received her B.A. in Dance/Theatre from Sarah Lawrence College and her M.A. in Expressive Arts Therapy from the European Graduate School. Erika is the co-founder of Yellowbird Expressive Arts, an organization focused on the intermodal arts a resource for community building and the cultivation of personal & collective resilience.