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A Message to Our Community

The Old Globe’s commitment to the notion that theatre is a public good obliges us to speak up at this moment of national pain and upheaval. The racial traumas of American history endure, and the murder of George Floyd is but the latest in a series of outrages that must stop. We add our voice in solidarity with our Black artists, staff, Board members, audiences, philanthropists, and neighbors in our community-based partner organizations throughout San Diego County. We pledge to them that we will live up to our values and our stated principles of justice and inclusion, now and as our institution emerges from the pandemic. Our determination to make theatre that models a more humane, compassionate, and equitable America will guide us as we maintain and deepen our presence in communities of color, and our collaborations with artists of color, to tell their stories. The Globe strives to end racism and hate, and to devote our art and energies toward recovery and healing.