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In 1995, the Season Sponsor program was initiated by Globe Board members to secure a foundation of support for artistic and education programs.  Since that time, Season and Production Sponsors have contributed millions of dollars collectively to underwrite the annual operating budget, the Old Globe is pleased to acknowledge the following Season Sponsors who have generously supported the 2015-2016 season.

For additional information on how you may become a Season Sponsor, please contact Major Gifts Officers Keely Tidrow or Matthew Richter at (619) 231-1941.

Leading Season Sponsors ($75,000 and higher annually)


Karen and Donald Cohn
Charter Sponsors since 1995

Darlene Marcos Shiley
In memory of Donald Shiley,
Charter Sponsor since 1995

Globe Guilders
Charter Sponsor since 1995

(Photo - Photo for Globe Guilders: Dina Thomas and Adam LeFevre
in The Metromaniacs, 2016. Photo by Jim Cox.)

Audrey S. Geisel
Sponsor since 1998


Kathryn and John Hattox
Sponsor since 1998

Sheryl and Harvey White
Sponsors since 2000

Conrad Prebys and Debra Turner
Sponsors since 2004

Peter Cooper and Norman Blachford
Sponsors since 2008


Elaine and Dave Darwin
Sponsors since 2011

Brian and Silvija Devine
Sponsors since 2012

Paula and Brian Powers
Sponsors since 2012

Ann Davies
Sponsor since 2013


Gloria Rasmussen
Sponsor since 2013

The Erna Finci Viterbi
Artistic Director Fund
In memory of Erna Viterbi,
Sponsor since 2014

Qualcomm Foundation
Sponsor since 2000


Sponsor since 2008

Season Sponsors ($60,000 to $74,999)


Joan and Irwin Jacobs
Sponsors since 2002

Mary Beth Adderley
Sponsor since 2004

Valerie and Harry Cooper
Sponsors since 2005

Gillian and Tony Thornley
Sponsors since 2009


Pam Farr and Buford Alexander
Sponsors since 2011

Rhona and Rick Thompson
Sponsors since 2013

Hal and Pam Fuson
Sponsors since 2013

Vicki and Cark Zeiger
Sponsors since 2014


Charter Sponsor since 1995

Sponsor since 2007


Leading Production Sponsors ($50,000 to $59,999)


Diane and John Berol
Sponsors since 1996 

(Photo – the cast of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2013. Photo by Jim Cox.)

Elaine Lipinsky Family Foundation
Sponsor since 2012

Jean and Gary Shekhter
Sponsors since 2014

Pamela J. Wagner and Hans Tegebo
Sponsors since 2015


Dolores and Rodney Smith
Sponsors since 2015

(Photo – Blake Segal, Liz Wisan, Euan Morton, and Usman Ally in
Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, 2015.
Photo by Jim Cox.)