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Your Gift May Support The Old Globe Forever

The Endowment Fund and the Planned Giving Society aim to secure the long-term financial health of the Globe, ensuring the theatre’s prominence as the sixth-largest regional theatre in the country, offering more programming and a greater repertoire than any theatre its size. As we move forward growing our endowment, it is hoped that we will hold an endowment of at least three times the size of our operating budget of $22 million, so that we continue serving our loyal theatre attendees and those who travel from all over the world.

You can join the list of many Globe friends who have made the decision to endow the Globe with an outright gift of cash or securities. All gifts to the endowment are overseen by the Board of Directors’ Investment Committee and only the investment income generated from the principal is used to support general operations, usually in the form of artistic and educational initiatives which help sustain the Globe’s high level of artistic excellence. Endowment gifts provide interest-earning income that protects the institution from economic downturns which ultimately threaten the theatre’s operating stability. A proper Endowment for the Globe should provide the final 10% of our annual budget ($2 million) which cannot be covered by earned and contributed income alone.

What does a strong Endowment Fund do for The Old Globe?

  • The Old Globe would enjoy a much stronger financial position which allows for increased strategic planning, financial stability and an opportunity to ensure we are presenting more classics, musicals, new work, and world premieres. Productions of this magnitude spur increased ticket sales, generate more contributed income, and generally raise the earned income in several areas. Additionally, if the production moves to Broadway, royalty income flows to the Globe for some time.
  • A strong endowment would enable the Globe to bring an increased number of noteworthy artists, actors and directors to the stage including such world renowned directors as Kathleen Marshall, Michael Kahn, Walter Bobbie, and Casey Nicholaw and actors Marion Ross, Robert Foxworth, Jon Lithgow, Patrick Page, Richard Thomas, Blair Underwood and many others.
  • A strong endowment would ensure a vibrant arts engagement program that reaches out to more than 30,000 students and adults each year through performances, in-school programs, residencies, professional development, and audience engagements of seminars, lectures, and much more. The Old Globe and University of San Diego Shiley Graduate Theatre Program is one of the finest classical training programs in the country, and is continually delivering outstanding actors you can enjoy in a number of winter and summer season productions.

How can you help?

You can make an endowment gift to the theatre that will live on indefinitely. A gift today of outright cash or securities will immediately build interest income for the theatre. We can advise you on how to leave a lasting gift, large or small, to the Globe, and we would be happy to meet with you and your Estate Planner to make sure your gift to the Globe is just right for you. If you are in the process of developing an estate plan, the theatre has an advisory council of estate attorneys and tax specialists, available to assist you when considering a charitable gift. There are many Endowment Fund opportunities that are available for friends of the theatre to endow which will assist in a particular expense of ongoing theatre operations.

Endowment Fund Categories

  • Undesignated Gifts Fund
  • The Jessie Polinsky Artistic Mission
  • Classical & New Musical Theatre Fund
  • Shakespeare Festival Fund
  • Education Fund
  • The Globe Guilders Fund

For some, today might not be the right time to make an outright gift of cash or securities to the endowment fund.  However, it might be prudent to consider a Planned Gift as a means to support The Old Globe in the future. The Globe’s Planned Giving program has many options available and we urge you to visit our Planned Giving page to learn how you can support the theatre in this way.

For more information on how you can contribute today to The Old Globe Endowment Fund, please contact Bridget Cantu Wear, Associate Director of Development, Planned Giving, by email or by calling (619) 231-1941 x2312.

The FEIN for The Old Globe’s Endowment Trust is 33-6125358.