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Globe for All: Henry V

Wilson Middle School

November 01

General Admission

Globe for All: Henry V


“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!”

Our Globe for All Tour brings the Bard’s thrilling history play to the San Diego community. The year is 1415, and the young and reckless Prince Hal has left his wild partying days behind and matured into thoughtful kingship. He rallies a ragtag group of English soldiers for a long-shot invasion of the mighty kingdom of France. Full of action and the electrifying language that marks Shakespeare at his height, Henry V is a rousing portrait of courage against all odds, directed by Johanna McKeon (NouraAnonymous Biography).

This performance will take place on the Wilson Middle School campus, access via El Cajon Boulevard. Parking is available on-site via parking structure entrance on El Cajon Boulevard or on the street. Free dinner will be available starting at 5:15pm.