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Chanel Cook

Hi, I’m Chanel, a graphic designer, calligrapher, and cheese lover living in sunny Southern California. As a San Diego native, I take inspiration from vintage and minimalist styles in my designs. I love exploring around my neighborhood, North Park, and visiting every new brewery in town. On any given day, a cute dog and a creamy mac and cheese can cure anything.

Working with calligraphy and graphic design, I mainly create pieces for weddings and small businesses. The main focus is creating something that is uniquely you and something you’ll want to keep in your home for years to come and remember your special day by. While I mainly focus on weddings and special events, any and all new opportunities are welcome!

In addition to creating pieces for weddings and special events, I also have an Etsy shop! Here you can find pieces that have been used in styled photo shoots and holiday decor, and other fun home items. Click the “Shop on Etsy” button below to check it out.

Diversity and inclusion are at the center of my values. I welcome all religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, cultural identities, ethnicity, genders, ages, and life experiences. I want to make sure you feel comfortable and are able to feel like yourself on one of your most important days. The final product should feel like you!


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