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$20 Under 30

Under 30? Get $20 Tickets

If you’re under the age of 30, you qualify for $20 Under 30 tickets! Sign up for email notifications and we'll alert you when we make a new $20 offer available. Please note that this is the only way to get $20 tickets. These specially discounted tickets are available for select performances. Not every production will have a discount offer.

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The Details...

  • If you're 29 or under, you qualify for $20 Under 30 discounts.
  • One discounted ticket per ID. If you're bringing a guest who is 30 or older, they'll need a regularly priced ticket — which start at $29 for most productions.
  • Tickets are non-transferable — the discounted tickets may only be used by someone 29 or younger.
  • Tickets are available for pick-up one hour before the show begins.
  • Guests 16 and up must present valid IDs showing proof of age. All $20 Under 30 ticket-holders must be present when picking up tickets, including children under 16.
  • If a valid ID is not presented showing that the ticket-holder is under 30 years of age, the discounted ticket will be upgraded to a full-priced ticket, and the difference charged.


Due to limited availability, there will not be a discount offer for Meteor Shower. Please check your email for other upcoming show discounts with $20 Under 30.

Turning 30?

$20 Under 30 Tickets

Don't worry! Theatre can still be affordable!

Tickets start at $29 in Area B for most productions.

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