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$20 Under 30

Under 30? Get $20 Tickets

$20 Tickets and other discounts are often made available to audience members under the age of 30.  Sign up for email notifications and we'll alert you when discount tickets are available for select performances. Please note that this is the only way to get these discounted tickets. Not every production will have a discount offer.

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The Details...

  • If you're 29 or under, you qualify for $20 Under 30 discounts.
  • One discounted ticket per ID. If you're bringing a guest who is 30 or older, they'll need a regularly priced ticket — which start at $29 for most productions.
  • Tickets are non-transferable — the discounted tickets may only be used by someone 29 or younger.
  • Tickets are available for pick-up one hour before the show begins.
  • Guests 16 and up must present valid IDs showing proof of age. All $20 Under 30 ticket-holders must be present when picking up tickets, including children under 16.
  • If a valid ID is not presented showing that the ticket-holder is under 30 years of age, the discounted ticket will be upgraded to a full-priced ticket, and the difference charged.

 If you have any questions, please email Kelsey Dahlke at kdahlke@TheOldGlobe.org.

Turning 30?

$20 Under 30 Tickets

Don't worry! Theatre can still be affordable!

Tickets start at $29 in Area B for most productions.

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