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Community Voices: Comedy Edition

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Season 1 Episode 4: Satirical Writing

Ready to throw some very pointed and witty shade at some people? Want to create a perfectly crafted commentary on modern life that will leave your audience in stitches? Well join the Community Voices: Comedy Edition workshop on Thursday, February 25 for our Satirical Writing episode! Special guests Gerardo Flores, Leticia De Anda, and Valeria Vega will join host Katie H. in reading a hilarious short work of satire before sending participants off on their own assignment to explore this style of comedic writing. Join us!

Community Voices is a series of free online workshops dedicated to the process of creating short plays inspired by personal experiences. Everyone on the online-platform community is encouraged to participate. This is a beginner level course where no experience is required, only the desire to learn and share their own stories.

Community Voices: Comedy Edition is a workshop hosted by Katie H. where participants/audiences can explore a different comedic writing genre each week! We’ll share a short performance script within each genre, talk about it with talented artists, and then send participants off on their own writing exploration of each style.

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