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Word Up!

Happening Every Friday at 6:00 p.m. PT on our website, YouTube Channel, and Facebook!

Watch Friday, November 20 Live Video Here

Happening  This Week!

More of a gathering than a show or a class, Word Up! is a digital opportunity for community members to connect with each other and participate in a new performing-art medium each week through a live-streamed collaboration. Every Friday night, Arts Engagement Programs Manager and host Laura Zablit will be joined by some of San Diego’s incredible performing artists. Together they will create opportunities for viewers to learn from and participate in their art form, creating accessible art in real time. Performing art forms will include spoken word, rap, puppetry, singing, and more, often with bilingual and multicultural elements.

When: Every Friday at 6:00 p.m. PT

Where: Arts Engagement Facebook page: The Old Globe Arts Engagement and The Old Globe's YouTube Channel

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Session 8 - Opera with Mandi Jo Miller

Session 7 - Sonnets with Devon Glover and Barry Edelstein

Session 6 - Poetry with Niki Martinez and Gill Sotu

Session 5 - Harmonies with Gerardo Flores Tonella

Session 4 - Puppetry with Tara Ricasa

Session 3 - Rap with Miki Vale

Session 2 - Spoken Word with Kendrick Dial

Session 1