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Regarding Coronavirus and COVID-19

As of Thursday, April 8, 2021

We hope this finds you well as we enter week 57 of the shutdown. There are some reasons for optimism in California, and this note is to update you on the Globe’s evolving plans.

You’re all no doubt aware of Governor Newsom’s surprise announcement that he plans to lift all COVID restrictions as of June 15, conditions permitting. We were already preparing a phased approach to return to live performance in June under a quite restrictive set of guidelines spelled out in the State of California’s comprehensive “Blueprint for a Safer Economy.” Indeed, we were drafting an update to you as the Governor’s news broke. The June 15 all-clear, should it happen, would throw out the plans we’ve been working on, which is based on the various capacity guidelines outlined in the State’s current tiered system. We find ourselves pivoting for the umpteenth time to a new approach. Our precise plan is evolving quickly, and while we cannot yet share specific details, we want to include you in the broad outlines of what we hope to do.

Whether without the state’s Blueprint or within it, we have begun to ramp up toward in-person events in our outdoor Lowell Davies Festival Theatre and hope to schedule events as early as the first week of June. The last performance for which we hosted an audience in our outdoor theatre was the closing night of Romeo and Juliet, September 15, 2019. Each year, it takes The Old Globe four to six weeks to awaken that venue from its winter hibernation and prepare it for artists on its stage and for audiences in its seats. After a challenging year in which so many of our staff have been furloughed, it is with special excitement and optimism that we return to work.

We know that you are hungry for more specifics, and we are very eager to provide them. We beg your patience even as we assure you that we are moving as quickly as possible to prepare and then execute a safe, legal, fiscally responsible, artistically satisfying, and humane plan for reopening. As the rules continue to change, we’ll change with them. The exact steps we’ll take will be forthcoming just as soon as we can get them to you. Questions surrounding vaccination requirements, testing, and other safety protocols for employees and audiences are all part of the analysis now in process.

We’ve all grown used to uncertainty. But here’s something solid: The recovery phase of the crisis is upon us, and that’s exhilarating. That we have reached this point is a cause for celebration.

We want to take a moment to thank all of you for your continued support and your faith in The Old Globe.

You will be hearing from us again soon with details about when we will be able to gather together to share the art form we all love.

Take care,

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