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Act Breaks

Checking in with actors, writers, directors, and artisans

When the curtain falls, where do the artists go? Act Breaks reveals the answer. This special series offers exclusive video content providing an intimate connection with your favorite Old Globe theatre makers. Act Breaks checks in with actors, writers, directors, and artisans to see what they are up to during this Great Intermission. Each artist will share what’s foremost in their hearts and minds: a song, a message about why theatre matters, or just a hello to their friends and supporters at the Globe.


Noah Bean recites from Love's Labor's Lost

Don Sparks trades barbs with Shakespeare

Edward Watts sings "Beautiful City"

Jesse Perez performs from Romeo and Juliet

Betsy Morgan sings a classic

A message from Jack O'Brien

Golden Howl performs a song from Hurricane Diane

Whoville sings

Robert Foxworth performs Shakespeare's Sonnet 117

Huey Lewis's suggestions for sheltering in place

Michael John LaChiusa with a song from The Gardens of Anuncia

Greetings from Blair Underwood

A moving song from The Lion's Benjamin Scheuer

A message from Richard Thomas

An original song from Edie Brickell

A message from the cast of Ebenezer Scrooge's BIG San Diego Christmas Show