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The Old Globe is committed to supporting area schools through strong, standards-based initiatives that enhance arts literacy for students of all ages.

The Old Globe provides thousands of free tickets to area students to see special matinee performances of many of our shows. This opportunity is provided to the community to allow students access to live, professional theatre of the highest quality.

The California State Department of Education created core Content Standards in the Arts “aimed at the development of aesthetic appreciation and the skills of creative expression.” The Old Globe Student matinee program supports schools’ efforts to introduce young people to live theatre and to gain an appreciation for the art form.

An integral part of the free matinee program is the free in-classroom, pre-performance workshop designed to enhance the theatre-going experience. Our trained, professional Teaching Artists use an interactive approach to engage students in understanding the play and concepts of the theatrical production.

Thank you for your interest in our free student matinees program. Applications are closed for this year, but please look for updates regarding high school matinees starting in January 2022.

For more application information, please email freestudentmatinees@TheOldGlobe.org.

As an alternative, you may purchase tickets at a discounted rate for our regular evening and weekend performances through group sales. Please contact our Group Sales Manager by email for more information.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a Free Student Matinee at The Old Globe?

  • Applications are available through our website around July. The deadline for submission is generally by October 1st of each year. You can also email freestudentmatinees@theoldglobe.org for information.

Where should I tell the bus to drop us off?

  • If your bus driver has not been to Balboa Park lately, you’ll need to let her/him know that the drop-off place has changed.  Please note the attached map (look for the X near #21 on the map).  You can drop off the students at the area near the International Cottages (across from the Organ Pavilion Parking lot) and then follow the sidewalk to the wooden footbridge, through the Alcazar Parking lot and Garden and across the street to the Globe.

What time should we arrive?

  • Please plan to have your students on the plaza outside the theatre by 10:00 a.m. on the day of the show. Shows begins at 10:30am.

Can we bring student lunches and backpacks?

  • Some schools bring lunches with them.  If you plan to do that, please put them all in one or two large boxes or coolers labeled with the school name.  Some folks bring their lunches in wagons, and that seems to be the easiest way to transport them through the park. We will store all lunches in one of the other theatre lobbies during the show.
  • If possible, please discourage your students from bringing backpacks and large purses, as these will also need to be stored away with the lunches.
  • Of course, anyone needing medical supplies or food for medical reasons can keep a bag with them at all times.

If students drop out, what can we do with our extra tickets?

  • If students cannot come, please call us right away to return the extra tickets to the theatre.  We have many people on our waiting list and the sooner we know that there are more seats available the sooner we can offer the seats to others. Unfortunately, you may not use extra seats for parents, friends, etc.

Do we need to provide photo releases for our students?

  • Yes. We need photo releases signed by a parent or guardian. Please bring the photo releases with you the morning of the show. We have stickers for students to wear who should not be photographed – please make sure you get them if you need them. (Photo Release - Spanish)

Does The Old Globe offer any reimbursements for buses?

  • Yes. After your visit, please complete our reimbursement form and return it along with a copy of your invoice. A reimbursement will be issued directly from our Finance office to your school.

Pairing Literacy with Live Theatre

In honor of the Globe holiday favorite Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, over a thousand children every year from Title One Schools in San Diego County are invited to participate in the Grinch Initiatives, special programs designed to foster an appreciation of both literacy and live theatre and to enhance the theatre going experience of San Diego's students.

Grinch Matinees 

The Old Globe is delighted to provide student matinee performances of Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, called Seussabrations. Free tickets are provided to children enrolled in Title One schools in San Diego County. Our goal is to make these tickets available to children who might not otherwise be able to attend.

The Old Globe provides preparation activities for all schools attending our free student matinees. Teachers attending Grinch performances with their classes participate in a unique professional development workshop at The Old Globe.  A study guide with lesson ideas tied to state curriculum standards is provided on this website. In addition, the Book Buddies program encourages children to pledge to read six books before seeing their performance of The Grinch as a way to cultivate a love of reading in students.

  • Free Tickets for Title One Schools 
    For any additional questions, please email FreeStudentMatinees@TheOldGlobe.org.

  • Subsidized Tickets for Grinch Matinees for Schools
    Title One schools can also purchase tickets at a discounted rate for select weekday morning Grinch matinees. For information, please contact Group Sales Manager.