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Production Guides

The Production Guides program is made up of a team of professional Teaching Artists who bring skill and creativity to the classroom to engage students in discussions and activities that enhance understanding of the plays at The Old Globe.

The Production Guides use theatre games, improvisation, scene work, monologues, and many more strategies to find ways to encourage higher level thinking. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the workshops and through this activity find connections (both personal and intellectual) to the plays.

The Production Guide workshops help students to understand the many jobs involved in the creation of a theatrical production. Discussion of costume and set design and construction, the director’s concept, and the actor’s task of creating characters are all part of the lesson plans brought to the classrooms through this program.

Production Guide workshops are provided free of charge to classes attending one of the Free Student Matinees at The Old Globe. The workshops are arranged when the school schedules its matinee date. The workshops are an integral part of the Arts Access Initiative and schools are expected to participate in this component of the program.

Schools interested in having a professional Teaching Artist visit their classrooms for workshops or residencies that are not part of the matinee program may contact the Education Department for standard rates and planning guidance.

Contact for more information and prices.